Cross-Border Buying

Boat Buying in Canada and the US is different. Various American states and Canadian provinces have different rules and tax collection requirements. Canadian Brokers are not normally allowed to work in the US and American brokers can violate Canadian immigration rules if they work in Canada. Bill Steele is legal to work and represent clients on boat sides of the Border with Steele-A-Weigh Yacht Sales Canada and Steele-A-Weigh Yacht Sales LLC, a US registered company. They work closely with Marine Documentation Inc a marine documentation and title company in Anacortes Wa for sales in the US.

Steele-A-Weigh Yacht Sales has representation with marine surveyors, marine lenders and maritime lawyers on boat sides of the Border which make their cross border brokerage very smooth. Steele-A-Weigh Yacht Sales has documented Trust Accounts in both US and Canadian banks for secure Earnest Monies and Deposits. Understanding Canadian importation rules on yachts is paramount to buying a vessel in the US and bringing it back to Canada. Following the currency exchange and knowing the right time to change dollars is a great asset of have a broker like Steele-A-Weigh.

Steele-A-Weigh Yacht Sales will gladly work with any licensed fellow Broker in either the US or Canada with a formal Co-Brokerage Agreement.

Whether it be a American or Canadian Buyer/Seller it is a wise decision to contact a firm like Steele-A-Weigh Yachts and let them do the early footwork in cross border boat shopping.